Anotec is dedicated exclusively to production and shipping of the world’s best high silicon cast iron anodes. Operations and staff are organized and trained to meet and exceed customer requirements under Anotec’s ISO 9001 Quality System.

Anotec is located in Langley, near Vancouver in Western Canada. The region has established road, rail, and sea routes to deliver anodes in crates and containers across the world.


Anotec’s proprietary Chill Casting process for high silicon iron anodes was conceived in 1987 when four founding principals discovered how to overcome critical manufacturing issues. Experience gained by perfecting the process verified that the quality of anodes produced by static-mold chill casting was superior to anodes from traditional methods.

In 2004 Anotec began manufacturing a new Z-Series line of tubular high silicon iron anodes with features that significantly improve performance and economics. The new anodes were approved after extensive testing and development to assure quality and technical acceptance.

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