M. C. Miller

A Tradition of Excellence

The M. C. Miller Company has been serving the needs of the corrosion control industry for over 76 years and we continue to expand our impact by developing new, needs-based products and services, based on our commitment to in-house research and development.

Joe Mekus, the company's President and CEO, has been with the company since April of 1998, and was previously the Vice President for two years. In his time before becoming VP, he was heavily involved in hardware manufacturing and customer support.

The Company has manufactured all of its products in the U.S.A. since its founding and we continue to do so at our current production facility in Sebastian, Florida. Our production facility houses a machine shop and printed circuit board assembly & testing equipment as well as our product assembly, shipping, receiving, IT, sales and administration operations. Since our personnel and all of our operations are contained under one roof, our manufacturing & support functions are fully integrated.

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