New patented innovation: SPA discrete anode

Discrete anodes in concrete have been used extensively in reinforced concrete structures especially for concrete elements located in tidal and splash zones.

Due to their encapsulation within the concrete, discrete anodes eliminate the risk of grout acidification resultant from sea water in splash zones. These anodes are proven to be sound and highly effective for the corrosion prevention of reinforced concrete piles, beams and headstocks.

SPA 26 plus discrete Ti-Anode

A new state-of-the-art development from Savcor Products Australia improves and economises the installation process for discrete anodes in concrete. The new patented SPA 18 plus and SPA 26 plus anodes incorporate centralised spacers which centre the anode within the designated hole eliminating potential short circuits between the anode and re-bar by providing sufficient grout cover to encapsulate the ribbon mesh. This further eliminates the need for any down-the-hole covermeter testing and multiple drilling into the concrete to find the appropriate locations for installation.

All new SPA 18 plus and SPA 26 plus anodes will be supplied by Savcor Products Australia with the new spacers included at no additional cost. This patented invention will guarantee major reductions in the cost of corrosion prevention by eliminating multiple holes and unnecessary drilling into existing concrete and significantly reducing engineering time during site testing.

  • Major reduction in cost for anode installation.
  • Eliminates weakening of the structure from excessive drilling.
  • Very fast installation.
  • Elimination of short circuits between anode and rebar.
  • Major reduction in engineering time during site testing.

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