APS Casing Spacers & End Seals

Casing Spacers

With excellent dielectric resistance and low moisture absorption for minimal electric current loss and no impairment of cathodic protection, polyethylene spacers and insulators are an economical choice for use on all plastic pipe, metal pipe up to 60" in diameter and smaller ductile pipe.

Polyethylene casing spacers and insulators are manufactured by injection moulding using polyethylene, which provides high impact strength and a low coefficient of friction.

End Seals

Advance Products & Systems End Seals outperform the costly and labour intensive brick and mortar method of sealing casing ends. While soil stress and pipe movement cause mortar to crack, the APS products move with the pipe ensuring the integrity of the seal. Unlike link-type sealing blocks that are limited to carrier/casing differential and can only be used on a concentric profile, APS seals are totally flexible. APS offers four types of end seals which can accommodate any combination of pipe sizes.

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