Safeguarding Against Corrosion

Corrosion is one of the biggest issues faced by industries, businesses and governments in Australia, costing our economy over $30 billion each year, according to a report published by Curtin University.

Infrastructure, machinery and equipment affected by corrosion require ongoing maintenance and management to ensure safety, productivity and longevity. While there is a wide range of preventative methods available, the question is what is the right one for your business or asset?

Various paint and surface treatments can be used to protect different materials and surfaces by creating a barrier to prevent the transfer of electrochemical charge from the corrosive solution to the metal. However, depending on the environment and climate these can be ineffective and usually provide limited-term solutions.

Savcor Products Australia is one of the leading providers of corrosion prevention products in Australia, servicing a wide range of clients and industries including manufacturing, electronics, oil and gas refineries, waste water facilities, storage tanks, oil, gas and water pipelines, transport and logistics, concrete construction, civil works and infrastructure, military and marine.

Our experts continually search the world for the latest developments in corrosion prevention technology and materials for our client’s requirements.

A major global supplier is Cortec, whose products are designed to safeguard manufactured products from corrosion and are cost-effective solutions requiring very little ongoing maintenance. Cortec’s products are also suitable for application in a wide range of climates and environments.

One of Cortec’s most popular and effective preventative solutions is the VpCI®-101, which is a device designed specifically for metal components and parts located in spaces such as cabinets and toolboxes.

The VpCI®-101 is a small device that slowly releases vapours that form a molecular layer on metal surfaces. These devices offer protection for up to two years, and are sustainable, easy to install and operate efficiently in a variety of climates.

The VpCI®-105 is another effective and simple solution, offering protection for metal parts enclosed in non-ventilated boxes up to 5 cubic feet and are highly effective in extreme conditions where salt, moisture and other contaminants are present.

Where infrastructure or machinery is constantly exposed to liquids, Cortec’s VpCI®-649 provides protection to metals, offering long-term protection and defence in fresh water and glycol coolants.

For the long-term storage of metallic products, VpCI®-126 Blue offers the ideal solution. Available in sheet form or easy-to-use zip-lock bags, Cortec VpCI® films protects metal parts from all types of corrosion including rust, tarnish, stains, white rust and oxidation for up to 5 years.

Cortec offer a comprehensive range of solutions for materials and infrastructure in highly corrosive environments.

Protecting your assets from corrosion has never been easier. Contact Savcor Products Australia today to discuss the ideal solution for your needs.

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