SPA Offers a New Generation in CP Power Supply Units

SPA has developed a power supply unit for cathodic protection (CP) systems which is simple to operate, has web connectivity and is designed with thorough long term durability and reliability in mind. Importantly, it does not rely on any proprietary components, and this addresses one of the primary shortcomings of various proprietary power supply units which have been incorporated in CP systems in Australia. The newly developed unit’s features are:

  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Full manual operation
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Web/online connectivity for monitoring
  • Data recording and alarm functions

CP Power Supply UnitsThe key requirements of CP Power Supply Units is long term durability, low maintenance costs, ease of operation and continuous delivery of cathodic protection current for the life of the system without the need for any major upgrade or replacement of parts. The components of SPA’s cathodic protection monitoring system are:

  • Switch mode intelligent heavy duty power supply unit
  • Advanced and reliable data logging equipment
  • Reliable online monitoring system

The SPA monitoring system can be delivered in 316 S/S or marine grade aluminium enclosures. All system components, including wiring, labeling and operation manuals comply fully with Australian Standards. The systems can be operated manually without any software and provide 24/7 live monitoring data using a web-based password protected interface. All system components are modular which allows easy replacement with generic hardware components. System configuration is designed so it can be tailored to suit each individual application.


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Power Supply Unit

The Mconex intelligent power supply unit is the key component of SPA’s monitoring system. The features of the Mconex unit are:

✓ Designed for easy installation and operation
✓ Standalone manual operation
✓ Output 0-10 A / 0-20 V
✓ Analog control and monitoring
✓ Constant current or constant voltage operation
✓ Hardware current and voltage limiters
✓ Built-in internal and external current interrupter compatibility
✓ Digital display for current, voltage and temperature status information
✓ Automatic output limiter for overheat situations
✓ Designed for up to 70 degrees ambient temperature


Data Logging - CP Power Supply Unit


Data Logging Equipment

For CP systems in tidal zones, which is the case for most marine CP systems in Australia, it is essential to obtain accurate data for the potential measurement of reference electrodes under various tidal conditions to allow for accurate assessment and adjustment of the CP system. SPA’s system uses Agilent Data logging equipment which provides the latest and most reliable technology in data logging equipment.

Remote Monitoring Equipment

One of the most important requirements of a CP system is the continuous delivery of CP current to the structure. While it is required to undertake system testing and adjustment once every year in conjunction with the inspection of the structure, it is essential to ensure that current is being delivered at all times. SPA uses Agent G2 technology for the online monitoring of CP systems. The Agent G2 unit is heavy duty and reliable communication equipment which offers 24/7 access to the operating data of the system and includes an alarm function via email or SMS messaging.

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